Choosing a Bariatric Program

We understand it can be tough to choose a weight loss path out of the several options available today. With so many weight loss clinics and mail-order remedies–on seemingly every street corner and mall–how are you supposed to know which one will best serve your weight loss goals as well as your personal health?

Bariatric Weight Loss Centers has gathered a range of guidelines to help you ‘weigh in’ on the right side and make an intelligent choice!

Guidelines to Consider When Choosing a Program

Does the center offer complete weight loss and management programs, or is it one of those that just hands out pills, herbs, snacks, or foods?

How long has the program been in operation, or is it another get-rich-quick business?

Is a comprehensive medical evaluation required before starting the program?

Do you have to sign a contract?

Do you have to pay a large, upfront fee?

Is the program supervised by medical weight loss professionals or by a businessperson or franchisee?

What are the credentials of the staff?

Will you find yourself being treated by a salesperson or a receptionist?

Are statistics available regarding short and long term results?

What kind of maintenance and weight management programs are provided?

Is there long term follow-up on patients? If so, for how long?

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At Bariatric Weight Loss Centers, well-trained doctors, dietitians, and nurses provide valuable education and support for those who are entering a complete program. It is well worth a patient’s time to make sure he or she is getting the desired results in a healthy manner to manage their weight forever.*

*Results based on compliance with Bariatric Weight Loss Program.